Where Children Learn Through Play

Lingli offers morning (8:30-11:30am), afternoon (12:00pm-6:00pm) and full day (8:30am-6:00pm) programs.  Each program is offered Monday through Friday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Tuesday/Thursday.  Parents are responsible for providing their child's lunch, while morning and afternoon snacks are provided by the school.

Music and dance enrichment classes are held weekly at Lingli and taught by outside instructors.  These classes are optional and are not included in the tuition.  Fees are payable directly to the class instructors.

Field trips to nearby destinations are held approximately twice per month.  Parents are required to sign permission slips to authorize their children to attend each event.  The school has one vehicle available so parents may be asked to help with transportation.

Typical Daily Schedule (may vary to meet children's needs and interest)

08:30                      School Opens
08:30---09:30          Greeting time / Indoor Activities
09:30---10:00           Morning Snack
10:00---10:30           Group Time
10:30---10:45           Bathroom time / transition to outdoors
10:30---11:45           Outdoor Activities
11:45---12:00           Hand wash / Transition to Lunch
12:00---12:45           Lunch Time
12:45---13:00           Brush Teeth / Bathroom time
13:00---15:00           Bedtime story / Nap time / Quiet Play
15:00---15:30           Indoor free play
15:30---16:00           Afternoon Snack
16:00---16:30           Group Activities
16:00---17:00           Outdoor Activities
17:00---18:00           Send-off / Indoor Activities
18:00                       School Closes

Tuition Rates (per 4 week cycle)

 Schedule Morning (8:30-11:30am) Afternoon (12-6pm) Full Day (8:30-6pm)