Where Children Learn Through Play

Children deserve to be in an aesthetic environment that respects and understands the process of growth and development of the child.

We believe children learn from play. While children play, they put their ideas into action. They learn to communicate effectively. They discover how to get along with other children. Play gives them the opportunities to express their feelings. Play also allows children to experiment and try things out. They make things happen during playtime and enjoy a sense of mastery. It fosters the ability to focus attention and to concentrate for long periods of time. Play provides opportunities for children to use their imaginations and encourages them to generate creative ideas. 

Learning experiences are child-initiated rather than teacher directed. Children are presented with many opportunities for selecting materials, initiating activities themselves, participating in activities others have chosen, and following through to satisfactory mastery. Children are given time and opportunity to discover, invert, create, feel, taste, touch, relax, and enjoy the full range of activities in the indoor and outdoor play time.

Learning experiences are developmentally appropriate and are matched with the age of the child, individual interests, abilities, and temperament. A rich array of materials and authentic experiences enables the child’s involvement in the learning process.

We believe language learning is an important part of child social skill development. Children have the abilities to code switching and discriminate between languages.

Giving the opportunities for children to learn a second language in the early years is a great gift from parent and caregivers. The sensitivity and responsiveness to a child’s level of development and a strong and trusting relationship between teacher and children will help the children adopt the language faster. Music, songs, and stories also enhance the learning experience.

Parent participation is important to our program. A strong relationship between teachers and parents will make a difference in a child’s early education. Parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in the program in whatever capacity they are able. Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time and to stay with the children, or to talk with the teachers whenever they have concerns. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled several times through the year.  Lingli also hosts several social events, such as potlucks and holiday parties in order to build a relationship between different parents and children.

It is our goal to create a nurturing and safe environment and foster interactions that provide pre-school age children with the opportunities to: 

  • Develop a positive self-concept, and know they are valued individuals.

  • Establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers based on respect and trust.

  • Grow in their ability to understand their social and cultural environment.

  • Build their interest in Chinese Language and Chinese Culture.

  • Learn effectively to communicate in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Develop problem-solving skills, concentrate and think creatively.

  • Build strength, muscular coordination and physical skills.

  • Establish a foundation for healthy and safe habits.

  • Learn to be responsible for their actions and act independently.